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14 May, 2019 17:04

'Embarrassing. Pathetic. Disgraceful': Cagliari will NOT be punished over Moise Kean racial abuse

'Embarrassing. Pathetic. Disgraceful': Cagliari will NOT be punished over Moise Kean racial abuse

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has been branded "embarrassing" for failing to punish Serie A club Cagliari over monkey chants directed at Juventus' Moise Kean, claiming the abuse was of "objectively limited relevance".

The nineteen-year-old forward, along with Alex Sandro and Blaise Mathuidi, was subject to monkey chants from Cagliari fans throughout a league match between the two sides on April 2. Kean responded by scoring in the 85th minute of a 2-0 win and celebrating with outstretched arms in front of the Cagliari ultra's stand, prompting an angry reaction.

His actions were initially criticized by Kean's teammate Leonardo Bonucci on social media - who in turn was admonished for claiming the blame for the incident was "50/50" between the player and the fans - but those words were later retracted by the Juventus captain.

FIGC took six weeks to investigate the incident, but communicated on Tuesday in a statement that the chants were of "objectively limited relevance" and failed to bring any sanctions to Cagliari for the abuse.

The decision has led to widespread anger and frustration from the wider football community, many of whom have labeled the association "inept" and the decision "disgusting". Kick It Out, football's equality and inclusion organisation, called the decision "Embarrassing. Pathetic. Disgraceful."