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Un-bee-lievable: Swarm of bees delays MLB game after mass invasion (VIDEO)

Un-bee-lievable: Swarm of bees delays MLB game after mass invasion (VIDEO)
A Major League Baseball (MLB) game between the Cincinnati Reds and the San Francisco Giants was delayed by almost 20 minutes on Monday after thousands of bees swarmed around the Great Ball Park.

The huge swarm of buzzing insects invaded the stadium prompting the organizers to start the game later than initially planned.

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The uninvited guests flied around the stadium just as both teams were getting ready to take to the field, before the umpire announced the delay of the game.

The Reds second baseman Derek Dietrich rose to the occasion “helping” to get the bees off the field. Dressed up in a beekeeper suit the player took on the role of exterminator spraying out some substance which was supposed to battle a bee-delay.

I didn't even play today and got cameras around me,” Dietrich said. “I did wrangle up some beers — bees, for the kids listening,” Dietrich said. “I was a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket. They're probably really mad at me. But glad I got that situation under control.

"Thanks to Nick Senzel's white shirt, button-down, I was able to handle it probably.”

The unexpected 18-minute halt didn’t affect Cincinnati's performance however, with the Reds beating the Giants 12-4.