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'The rat got his cheese': Myles Price defeats Peter Queally in Khabib-McGregor proxy war

'The rat got his cheese': Myles Price defeats Peter Queally in Khabib-McGregor proxy war
Bellator Dublin hosted a hotly-contested MMA grudge match between former training partners turned rivals, with Khabib Nurmagomedov teammate Myles Price beating longtime Conor McGregor training partner Peter Queally.

The shockwave from Nurmagomedov's October victory against McGregor is still rumbling on.

Myles Price, the former SBG Ireland man who has since spent time at the American Kickboxing Academy alongside Nurmagomedov, won a close split decision against Queally in Dublin on Saturday night.

The fight had captured the public's attention, given Queally's open criticism of Price for assisting the Russian ahead of his fourth round submission win against McGregor last October.

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"To paint the picture of this weekend’s fight, Ireland’s biggest sportsman was preparing for the biggest fight of his career," Queally said at the Bellator Dublin media day.

"Myles Price, an Irishman who is a former teammate of Conor, spent his own money to travel 5,000 miles to go help his opponent. That’s why this fight is happening. He’s a rat, that’s why this fight is happening."

Despite both men being Irish, it was Queally who had the clear backing of the Dublin crowd. His walk to the cage, accompanied by The Cranberries' song 'Zombie', was sung by what seemed like every one of the 8,700 in attendance, but once the action began it was Price who first found the ascendancy. 

'Splinter' employed a stifling gameplan, pushing Queally to the fence at every opportunity and rarely engaging in prolonged striking exchanges. When they came, it was Queally who appeared the more dangerous of the two.

A third-round takedown and subsequent top control from Price ended the fight, leaving an impression on the judges who awarded him the split decision victory. 

After the fight, the two men embraced in the cage and both noted that their rivalry had run its course. Speaking to the media, Queally congratulated his opponent and said that he backed up his pre-fight statements.

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"Hats off to Myles," Queally said. "He talked the talk and walked the walk. I just talked the talk tonight, I didn't walk the walk.

"I did mean everything I said [before the fight], I think he was very sly by what he did, but I have to respect him for [the fight]. He came in and faced me and fought me, and he got his hand raised. Nothing but respect for Myles."

As noted by a media member who spoke to Myles Price after the fight, it looked like the 'rat' got his cheese.

Meanwhile, in the main event, 22-year-old James Gallagher needed just over two and a half minutes to defeat Steven Graham by submission.