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17 Feb, 2019 12:16

Sochi Olympic champion Adelina Sotnikova performs stunning routine on frozen Lake Baikal (VIDEO)

Sochi Olympic champion Adelina Sotnikova performs stunning routine on frozen Lake Baikal (VIDEO)

Sochi Olympic figure skating champion Adelina Sotnikova has wowed the internet with mesmerizing footage of her skating on a frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia.

Sotnikova captured hearts around the world when she won the ladies’ singles figure skating gold at the Winter Games on home soil in 2014.

And while she has not competed formally in recent years, the Russian star showed she’s still very much capable of some mesmeric moves.

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Sotnikova, 22, shared a clip on her Instagram account where she is seen skating on the frozen expanse of Lake Baikal under sunny winter skies.

With the backdrop of a Russian dance track, a smiling Sotnikova takes to the ice as cars drive across the ice in the background.

She also posted pictures of herself leaping on the frozen ice and sitting on the lake, which lies in the southern part of Siberia, within the republics of Buryatia and Irkutsk.

The vast lake is the largest in the world in terms of freshwater volumes, and is also the deepest in the world.

It is typically frozen from around January to May, and provides a stunning natural skating rink with a crystal clear view of the lake below.

Sotnikova has struggled with injury in recent seasons, instead continuing to take to the ice for exhibition shows and television work.

But she remains one of Russia’s golden girls in a nation packed with skating talent, and clearly seems to be loving life at the moment.