‘Satan's ideas. How can a woman play football?’ Romanian club owner speaks against female teams

21 Dec, 2018 13:50

Steaua Bucharest owner Gigi Becali has dismissed the idea of creating a female team, saying that allowing women to play football goes "against God’s will."

Speaking during a live phone-in on Romanian TV show, ‘Ora Exacta in Sport,’ Becali said he wouldn’t remain in football if UEFA ever forced him to create a women’s squad.

I’ll quit football! You can’t do things against God’s will,” exclaimed the owner of Romania’s top club, as cited by sportingnews.com.

[It’s] aligning to Satan’s ideas. How can a woman play football? She isn’t built for playing football. Her body isn’t made for football. It’s dangerous... it’s against human nature!

The 60-year-old emphasized that women’s top priority is “to attract the opposite sex,” rather than get involved in “aggressive” sports like boxing, weightlifting and football.

The female was created to be beautiful, to attract the opposite sex. We are affecting women by letting them play football or by allowing them to box. They should play handball, volleyball, basketball, but not aggressive sports,” he added.

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In 2013, Becali was criticized after he refused to sit down to dinner with his Ajax counterpart Hennie Henrichs because the latter was wearing "cheap" shoes.

Why would I sit at the Ajax president’s table? He wears €200 ($230) shoes, mine cost €4,000 ($4,570),” Becali said back then.

Three years earlier, the religious Romanian fired Turkish coach Yuksel Yesilova on the pretext that a Muslim specialist had brought bad luck to his Christian team.

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On another occasion, he also banned Steaua’s in-house DJ from playing Queen records due to Freddie Mercury’s sexual orientation.

Steaua is Romania’s most-successful football team. The club won the 1985–86 European Cup, beating football giants FC Barcelona in the final of the competition.