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27 Nov, 2017 19:13

MMA fighter KOs opponent with vicious head kick despite breaking own arm mid-fight

MMA fighter KOs opponent with vicious head kick despite breaking own arm mid-fight

This is the moment English MMA fighter Brendan Loughnane knocked out his opponent with a vicious head kick at ACB 75 in Stuttgart, Germany, last weekend – despite breaking his arm mid-fight.

Loughnane, a 27-year-old Manchester native who was taking part in his third fight under the banner of Russian MMA promotion ACB (Absolute Championship Berkut), against Paata Tschapelia from Georgia, finished the night with a yet another knockout.


While the KO became the ninth in his 15-3 professional career, it was also the first to come from a head kick.

The KO became even more remarkable when the reason emerged as to why Loughnane was using his legs to finish his opponent in the last minutes of the third round.

In the middle of the second round, the Englishman threw a powerful spinning back fist strike at the Georgian challenger, which landed on his opponent’s shoulder as he was blocking the shot.

After that, Loughnane didn’t land single shot with his right arm, which he later revealed he had broken.

The Englishman still found his way to knockout his opponent, who had never been finished before. As they were wrestling by the cage in the middle of the third round, Loughnane managed to land a knee shot to Tschapelia’s head, which visibly shocked him.

And as he was turning around, already not defending himself, the Englishman landed a perfect head kick that knocked the Georgian out, causing the referee to wave off the fight.

“Let me tell you a quick story,” said Loughnane in his post fight interview with ACB’s play-by-play commentator Bryan Lacey.

“Dominick Cruz just broke his arm, with the same shot. And I’ve been mocking him a whole week for it. He is gonna laugh his head off when he sees what I did tonight.”

Loughnane also called for the Stuttgart crowd to cheer for him if they think he deserved the 'knockout of the night' bonus.

The bonus, however went to light heavyweight Dovletdzhan Yagshimuradov from Turkmenistan, who sent Joachim Christensen of Denmark to the canvas with a stunning right hook just 74 seconds into the first round. Here is the full video of their fight, also.

by Denis Geyko for RT Sport