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NHL star Ovechkin invites you to join the #Putinteam as website goes up

NHL star Ovechkin invites you to join the #Putinteam as website goes up
Everyone can now join the “Putin Team” movement set up by NHL star Alexander Ovechkin in support of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The hockey player announced the launch of its website ahead of next year’s elections. Many prominent Russian sportsmen and singers have already joined the team.

“Putin Team’s website has been launched - www.putinteam.ru! You can now become a part of a huge team. Putin Team unites people who are proud of their country and who want to make Russia strong,” Russian NHL powerhouse Ovechkin wrote on his Instagram account, which boasts nearly 1 million subscribers.

The Washington Capitals captain, who has been always open about his sympathy for the Russian leader, announced the launch of the movement earlier in November. So far, the Instagram page of Putin Team has gathered some 3,000 followers.

The announcement comes as the 2018 presidential race is about to kick off in Russia. In December, the Russian Federal Council is set to formally announce a date for the presidential elections.

Among those who joined Putin Team are pole vault legend Yelena Isinbayeva, Chess grandmaster Sergey Karjakin and NHL player Evgeny Malkin. Karjakin, who joined the team last week, commented: “I was always open to supporting Putin, now I can finally do it officially. Team Putin – I’m on board.”

Former boxing champion Ruslan ‘Siberian Rocky’ Provodnikov also voiced his support for the Russian president, announcing on his Instagram page that he wanted to create a sports team that represented a “strong and close-knit Russia.”