Goalkeeper dies after freak mid-game collision with teammate

Goalkeeper dies after freak mid-game collision with teammate
Veteran Indonesian goalkeeper Choirul Huda tragically died after colliding with one of his teammates during a league match on Saturday.

Persela Lamongan player Huda violently collided with his teammate Ramon Rodrigues and onrushing Semen Padang player Marcel Sacramento shortly before half-time.

The 38-year-old, who was Persela’s captain, was rushed to Soegiri hospital but doctors couldn’t revive him and he later died from a cardiac arrest, according to Indonesian news channel Metro TV.

"As the initial analysis of the impact is on the chest and lower jaw, there is the possibility of chest trauma, head trauma and neck trauma,” Doctor Yudistiro Andri Nugroho said in a statement on Persela’s website.

The ‘keeper was one of the club’s most iconic players. He joined Persela in 1999 and stayed there for his entire career making more than 500 appearances for the club.

On Twitter the club called him “The real legend of Persela.” It also thanked him for his dedication to Persela, the entire Lamongan area and to Indonesian football.