Standup gets knocked down: Controversial comic takes brutal beating in boxing match (VIDEO)

Standup gets knocked down: Controversial comic takes brutal beating in boxing match (VIDEO)
Controversial comedian Dapper Laughs swapped punchlines for punches by getting into the boxing ring and soon found out it’s no laughing matter – by suffering a brutal beating in a sparring session.

The joker is four weeks into training for a charity bout in aid of ‘Help for Heroes’, and admitted he was “nervous” before his first sparring session at the Maximus Gym & Martial Arts Centre in Surrey.

The first round begins with Dapper taking some heavy shots from his sparring partner. The comedian holds his own before a sickening hook to the ribcage sends him crumpling to the floor.

After writhing around on the canvas in agony, the funnyman eventually rises and carries on – only to be sent reeling with an innocuous punch to the stomach which forces him to lean onto the ropes.

When the sparring partners are changed, Dapper’s luck stays the same. A gangly boxer then has his turn with the London-based comedian, this time whacking him straight on the nose.

When the session is finally over Dapper collapses to the floor in exhaustion and relief that the beating is finally over.

The joker, whose real name is Daniel O’Reilly, has been keeping his 342,000 Instagram followers up to date on the stages of his first four weeks of training, in which he claims he’s had the hardest cardio workout he’s ever done.

“Done my first bit of light sparring, I know I don't look the part but I'm working hard! It's a lot harder than the pros make it look! Believe me! All for a good cause!” one post read.

O’Reilly gained moderate fame and notoriety in 2014 with a series of Vine videos featuring his character’s brand of innuendo-laden comedy. It spawned a television program ‘Dapper Laughs: On The Pull’, which gave dating advice to members of the public.

But the laughs soon stopped and O’Reilly was forced to issue a groveling apology on BBC’s Newsnight after his jokes were accused of condoning rape, sexual harassment and inciting violence towards women.

The comedian is dedicating his boxing efforts to his late father and unborn child.