Russian Paralympic Committee’s ban appeal to be reviewed in Swiss federal court

Mikhail Terentiev, chairman of the National Society for the Disabled © Vladimir Trefilov
The Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) will have its appeal against the decision by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to ban all Russian athletes from the Rio 2016 Paralympics reviewed in Switzerland's federal court on Monday.

Member of the IPC and RPC Mikhail Terentiev has told R-Sport that Russia’s appeal against the decision will be reviewed at the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland on August 29.

On August 7, IPC chief Philip Craven announced that the committee had unanimously decided to prevent all Russian athletes from taking part in this summer’s Paralympics and was withdrawing Russia’s membership of the IPC due to the ongoing doping scandal.

The RPC had already attempted to appeal this decision to CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) on August 15, however it was rejected just over a week later on August 23.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has already called the decision by the IPC “immoral” and “inhumane” and announced that the government could stage a competition in Sochi in order to compensate the Paralympians for missing out on the event in Rio.


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