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Time for Africa? Jewel Howard-Taylor, vice president of Liberia

It’s been 80 years since philosopher Eric Fromm identified two types of freedom: “freedom from” -– to be no one’s slave – and “freedom to” – to be the master of your own fate. And while we all idealize the latter, achieving the former, the freedom from use and abuse is no small feat in this day and age, especially for Africa, which for centuries has been exploited under all sorts of pretexts. What needs to happen for the continent to truly take its deserved place in the world? To discuss this, Oksana is joined by Jewel Howard-Taylor, vice president of Liberia. 

This interview was filmed at the Eurasian Women's Forum in St. Petersburg.


Oksana Boyko @OksanaBoyko_RT
Worlds Apart @WorldsApart_RT