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Justice and imperialism (E409)

From Amnesty International to the International Federation of Journalists, everyone is now rallying to the cause of Julian Assange. For some, they had been late to the battlefield but then as the Russians say “after the war a lot of brave soldiers turn up“. The espionage case against Julian Assange has been falling apart for months. Yahoo News revealed CIA plans to kidnap and if necessary kill Julian Assange - even if it meant a shoot-out with Russian diplomats on the streets of Knightsbridge. Less well-known is the admission by a key figure in the Assange circle that he had fabricated parts of the Kerry evidence in the American indictment against Assange. The man who broke that story is Bjartmar Alexandersson, and he joined Sputnik to tell us the importance of this story.

Leon Trotsky was a very famous Russian indeed. A key figure in the Bolshevik Revolution, in the foundation of the Red Army, which successfully repelled the foreign invasion of Russia which sought to overthrow it. He even found time to be the godfather of our guest Michael Hudson, Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. The author of ‘Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire’, he joined the show to explain his theories on industrial capitalism, politics and military might.

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