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3 Nov, 2021 23:09

Satellite images reveal China’s nuclear silo buildup

New satellite imagery reveals damage to the USS Connecticut nuclear submarine, now ported in Guam. Images show the nose of the sub removed because of a suspected head-on collision with an object in early October while in the South China Sea. Early statements seem to confirm that none of the nuclear components were damaged. Meanwhile, other satellite images in China show new silos being built. It’s suspected that these are for nuke buildup, and a new location capable of launching long-range nuclear missiles. Former UK MP George Galloway joins In Question to discuss. (7:36) Facebook has announced that it is stopping the use of its facial recognition system. The controversial technology is something governments have struggled with, as many experts have raised concerns from an ethical perspective. RT’s Alex Mihailovich has the story. (1:07) As deadlines loom for US service members and defense civilians to get vaccinated against Covid-19, leaders are now weighing options for those who refuse the shot. This comes as tens of thousands have still not been fully vaccinated. Independent journalist Ashlee Banks gives us the scoop. (10:37) Then political commentator John Jordan and Retired US Marine Corp Corporal John Jackson share their perspectives. (12:41)