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Pandora’s box and police in crisis (E405)

First we had the Panama Papers, then we had the Paradise Papers and now the Pandora Papers; the latest batch of leaked financial information detailing offshore accounts. Three hundred political leaders and public officials have been exposed as offshore wheelers and dealers, revealed to be up to their necks in “filthy lucre” which, although not illegal, certainly tarnishes their political image. The president of the Czech Republic was revealed to have a chateau in the South of France valued at 22 million; Tony Blair and his wife avoided over £300,000 of taxation by helpfully buying through an offshore company which Mrs. Blair now uses as her legal practice HQ. So, with the help of the financial expert’s expert Max Keiser, we took a peek into Pandora’s box. 

The Metropolitan Police is in a state of crisis and Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick is under increasing pressure to stand down. So far, the politicians are standing by her even though the bad news keeps on coming. Following the whole life term sentence given to the atrocious murderer Wayne Couzens, a former parliamentary and diplomatic police officer, for the rape and murder of Sarah Everard, another officer from the same unit has now been charged with rape. The policeman’s policeman is Norman Brennan, and he is Sputnik’s go-to-expert in police matters, so we invited him onto the show to discuss just how long the commissioner can stay in her job and just what should the police do under the shadow of these terrible recent events.

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