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The 'new US' and a mad artist on the rise (E385)

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Despite the catastrophic effects of Covid-19 on US society and their economy, the first few months of the Biden administration have been dominated by foreign policy. Tensions with China have, if anything, ramped up, it’s not 'business as usual' with Russia and, in the Middle East, there seems to be a remarkable continuity of US policy.

But is all as it seems? As always, when In doubt, we reached out for the best independent analyst in America, Garland Nixon, to ask him the questions that others seem to have missed.

Dean Martin, the Mad Artist, has reached new heights since we last interviewed him, even exhibiting his work alongside Banksy. The very epitome of English understatement, his work around Brexit and identity politics and wokeness has already garnered a dedicated circle of collectors. Now, just a few years on, he's becoming one of Britain’s most sought-after artists, his work transforming living rooms, telling the story of his once thoroughly English working-class life. So we invited him back onto the show to tell us more about his current life and works.

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