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15 May, 2021 09:58

Labour Party difficulties and ISIS in Africa (E384)

Last week was painted as a disaster for the Labour Party, though not quite as much as it would’ve been if Jeremy Corbyn had still been in charge. The loss of the Hartlepool by-election was particularly emblematic, apparently signifying the collapse of the Red Wall. But all was not what it seemed; in Bristol, and Kent, even in Surrey, the London mayoralty, and perhaps especially in Wales, Labour did rather well. They did, however, lose control of the Greater London Assembly. So we invited Shahina Jaffer onto Sputnik to give her analysis of the situation. 

And ISIS in Africa. When the head-chopping throat-cutters are busy with their devilish work on the streets of Europe or the USA, there is outrage. When it happens in Africa, not so much. In fact, ISIS and Al-Qaeda are roaming ever more wildly across the continent and reaching much farther south than ever before. A particularly gruesome massacre took place in Mozambique, when Islamists invaded the city of Palma. Noticed, in so far as it was, mainly because of the heroic rescue of some of the stricken by mainly white mercenaries. However, there appeared to be little solidarity and support for the African victims of this most recent Islamist terror attack. Professor Stephen Chan OBE has lectured widely on African issues, so we asked him, among other things, why did only some of Black Lives Matter?

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