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30 Jan, 2021 11:52

Dangerous roads and biracial Britain (E369)

Suddenly, like spring daffodils, smart motorways are sprouting everywhere. According to both Labour and Conservative governments, these roads are thought to be very clever. But anyone can see that doing away with the hazard lane puts everyone driving on the motorway in danger. Alas, the government does not agree as they continue to spend millions of pounds installing them across the country. Jason Mercer had a minor bump on a smart motorway back in 2019. He was killed when a lorry ploughed into him and Alexandru Murgeanu as they exchanged details. His widow, Claire, is now campaigning for the abolition of these dangerous roads and she joined us on Sputnik to tell us about her call on Highways England to reinstate hard shoulders and make motorways safe.

By 2050, one-third of the British population will be biracial. Dr. Remi Adekoya has written a new book, ‘Biracial Britain: A Different Way of Looking at Race’, which explores what it means to be in one of the fastest growing minority groups in Britain today. He has garnered the accounts of people across the UK, trying to understand what it “feels” like to be biracial in an increasingly polarised world where race is always discussed in a binary black/white way. He joined Sputnik to tell us about the picture he saw emerging through the experiences of both the young and the old which, according to Remi, can differ across the country, from city to city and even street to street.

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