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28 Nov, 2020 13:26

Julian Assange and Harry Dunn (E360)

Whatever your views on the rights and wrongs of the Julian Assange case — whether he should be in prison at all or be extradited to the United States — there can be no one who would want to see him perish in an English prison from coronavirus. But the wing where he is incarcerated, in a maximum-security jail, is stricken with the virus. This has caused alarm across Britain – the idea that the world’s most famous political prisoner might die on our watch, in our jail is making some people decidedly nervous. His family and friends are, of course, increasingly pressing the alarm button, but so too are medical professionals from around the world. One of the many campaigns is ‘Doctors for Assange’. So, from Germany, Professor Thomas Schulze joined Sputnik to tell us about their concerns for Julian Assange’s both physical and mental well-being.

From the extradition of Julian Assange which might well happen, to the case of Anne Sacoolas whose extradition looks very unlikely. Having been previously told by the DPP that she did not have diplomatic immunity, Anne Sacoolas’ extradition was sought so she could stand trial for killing Harry Dunn while driving on the wrong side of the road. However, this week a court ruled that Anne Sacoolas did, after all, have diplomatic immunity and therefore, when she fled the country to avoid justice, she was deemed to be within her rights to do so. Harry’s family have been tirelessly seeking justice for their son and will continue the fight, to hear more about the campaign we invited its spokesman Radd Seiger, onto Sputnik to tell us what’s next for the family.

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