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19 Oct, 2019 10:18

Brexit vote and Latin jazz (E302)

Whether or not Parliament votes to leave the European Union, one thing will never change. The man who invented Brexit will always be Professor Alan Sked; the Scotsman from the London School of Economics, who founded the UK Independence Party, later famously or in famously known as UKIP. How much of the kingdom will remain united and how much independence the British people will have remains to be seen and fought over. But whatever way it is diced, Professor Alan Sked has written his name in today’s history books. So, who better to invite into the Sputnik studio as Britain’s parliament prepares to convene for only the third time on a Saturday since WWII.

Latin America was once a far off place of which we knew little. Nowadays, we are transfixed by the many political events going on there: the uprising in Ecuador, the trial of Christina Kirchner in Argentina, events in Venezuela, and the long stand by Cuba. All that before we even mention Cuban rum, the music, and perhaps most of all Latin American dance. But, for the last seven years the Latin Jazz Festival has brought together musicians from around the world to honour their musical traditions. So, we invited its curator Eliane Correa from the renowned University of Arts of Cuba (Instituto Superior de Arte) into the Sputnik studio to tell us more. Correa is the pianist for the World of Hans Zimmer, as well as a composer, producer, and all-round musical prodigy.

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