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5 Oct, 2019 08:07

Art for change and boxing beyond combat (E300)

Art as propaganda has a mixed reputation, from socialist realism in the form of the Soviet Union, China, and North Korea, all the way across to fascism. Even in the UK, murals, memes and cartoons have created controversies, and, like electricity, political art can be used for good and for bad. So, as we head backwards to a future of cruise missiles on European soil, it’s a good time to recall the sublime and highly successful imagery of Professor Peter Kennard, who made most of the best political art of our times. His new book, ‘Visual Dissent’ by Pluto Press, compiles 50 years of his artistic dissent, and an exhibition of his work is currently running at Foyle’s Gallery in Charing Cross. We invited him into the studio to tell us about the events that shaped his ideas.

The lack of care after combat is as infamous as the martial prowess of our armed forces is revered. A dramatic proportion of former servicemen end up living on the street, in the prison system, or on the suicide slab. When their fighting days are done, it seems the state washes its hands of those whose services are frequently extolled. But some people are determined to give them a fighting chance of living fruitful lives on Civvy Street. One such organization is the Fighting Chance. So, we invited its founder Imran Khalil to join us on Sputnik to tell us how they are supporting veterans and changing lives.

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