Philanthropists and entrepreneurs (E271)

Charity begins at home, the old saw goes, and multiple award-winning philanthropist Bax Martin can’t be accused of ignoring it. He works all over the world but can also be found on the streets of Manchester where he literally feeds the homeless. ‘Smile Aid’ is his principle vehicle to bring a smile to the faces of the distraught. So, in a week where the horrors of Islamophobic extremism struck New Zealand, we invited this inspirational role model into the Sputnik studio to tell us about his work, his motivation, and his charity. With 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, 300-400 million of them single, the potential for Muslim matchmaking was an entrepreneur’s dream date. All it needed was a match to light the fire. So, former Morgan Stanley banker Shahzad Younas quit his job in the City, invested his life savings, and now has a million users for the Muslim matchmaking app Muzmatch. It’s a remarkable transformation of the marriage scene in a community where parents used to make the match. We invited him into the Sputnik studio to tell us about this British success story.

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