Predatory capitalism is like ETHNIC CLEANSING! Continued bloodshed in Palestine & Yemen (E724)

On this episode of Going Underground, we firstly speak to Prof. Saskia Sassen of Columbia University & the LSE about how high finance needs to be held accountable by the political class and how predatory capitalism is like ethnic cleansing. Next, we speak to Nick Dearden of Global Justice Now for Broken News, where he covers more bloodshed in Palestine & Yemen, Macron’s democratic despotism, and British food standards post-Brexit. Finally, we speak to Prof. Julian Petley of Brunel University, the author of ‘Culture Wars: The Media and the British Left,’ about how the right-wing press has been in continuous conflict with the political left in the UK and how the anti-Semitism propagated by the British press from the 19th century up until WWII has similarities to the Islamophobia they propagate today.

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