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17 Nov, 2018 12:45

Brexit insanity & American madness (E254)

The UK government appears to be in the process of collapsing. Barely had the ink dried on the draft Brexit deal than resignations and rumors of resignation followed including Theresa May herself. Such are the febrile times in which we are all living in the shadow of Brexit which seems to have hovered like a cloud over us for as long as we can remember. Although Theresa May has vowed to “see it through,” her role as leader hangs in the balance and the 48 votes of no confidence needed to trigger a leadership battle could still be sent. To look into this persistent maelstrom, you need a dispassionate eye. So, we invited Adriel Kasonta, a prodigious writer on politics and diplomacy both in the US and mainland Europe, including Russia. He joins us to tell us what he has observed.

Donald Trump, hands sunk in coat pockets in Flanders without even an umbrella to call his own, is looking manically morose. Back home he appears to be carrying around his very own personal raincloud: Mueller is working overtime, election results are being overturned (turns out it was the US political class that was interfering in American elections), war, the threats of war, trade wars, sanctions. And always the echo of mass radicalized shootings trying to outdo the din of abnormally polarized political discourse. It all adds power to the elbows of those who pose the question: “Has America gone mad?” Our guest this week is an American reporter at large. We invited Luke Rudkowski into the studio to give us his analysis.

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