Episode 139

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are not so much two cheeks on the same backside as Godzilla 1 vs Godzilla 2. And as the plot unfolds, the billionaire Trump turns out not to be a billionaire at all, whilst down-home Hill and Bill have amassed a king’s ransom – some of it actually from kings. Who’s going to win? Can’t they both lose? We invited Inderjeet Parmar, writer and Professor of American studies at London’s City University, into the Sputnik studio to ask what it all means for the rest of the world.

And in part two, the world’s richest dictatorship, Saudi Arabia, is using Western weapons and expertise to destroy the scant infrastructure of its impoverished neighbor, Yemen – and no school, hospital, bridge, mosque, highway, or public building is safe from the latest military hardware on the market. Virtually no media is covering the subsequent slaughter, even though Yemen is a former British colony. Dr. RS Karim is a man who hasn’t passed the Yemenis by on the other side of the road. Co-founder of Mona Relief, he joins Sputnik to tell us how this fund is providing relief during this humanitarian crisis.

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