Oleg Nechiporenko, retired KGB Colonel

1932 - born in Moscow
1957 - graduates, Institute of Foreign Languages, Moscow
1958 - serves in KGB counter intelligence and intelligence branches,  Lebanon, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Mexico, Cuba
1992 - expert, international counter terrorism training association, Moscow
2001 - general director, National Anti-terrorist Foundation, Moscow
2005 - leading expert, National Anti-terrorist Foundation, Moscow
On Thursday, two former KGB officers, at a sensational news conference in Moscow, accused the British secret service of killing Aleksandr Litvinenko - another former KGB agent. He died last November in London from polonium-210 poisoning. Scotland Yard wants Andrey Lugovoy to be charged with murder, his colleague Dmitry Kovtun - being another suspect. In reply, the two say the British want them as scapegoats in an attempt to save their Esprit de Corps. Our guest to comment on the situation is a Retired KGB Colonel, presently running a private security business - Oleg Nechiporenko.