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17 Feb, 2020 11:48

America’s ‘manifest destiny’

It’s election season in the US, and the rest of the world has to pay attention because whoever wins leads a nation with economic clout and a bellicose military.

But internally America is more divided, more polarised, and angrier than ever.

Just before his death, Paul Volker, the renowned former chairman of the Federal Reserve, outlined a sinister turn he believed the US had taken, saying: “Nihilistic forces are dismantling policies to protect our air, water, and climate. And they seek to discredit the pillars of our democracy: voting rights and fair elections, the rule of law, the free press, the separation of powers, the belief in science, and the concept of truth itself.”

Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by writer and activist for peace and justice issues, Margaret Kimberley, to discuss where next for the country that was once dubbed the leading nation of the free world.

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