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21 Jan, 2022 06:08

Fourteen years In Guantanamo without charge, debt forgiveness through history

Naomi Karavani brings you a very special interview this week. She spoke to former-Guantanamo detainee and author Mansoor Adayfi about his experience of being held in the US’s most notorious illegal detention center, Guantanamo, for 14 years without charge. Adayfi is currently being held in Serbia under less restrictive conditions, but he still isn’t free. He had originally traveled to Afghanistan to do research, but he was kidnapped by a warlord and eventually sold to the CIA for a bounty, accused of being an important Taliban commander. He gave a false confession under torture before being shipped to Guantanamo. Come to this interview prepared for a brutal story of courage in the face of extreme cruelty.

Jaffer Khan finishes off the show by providing context to the US’s current debt crisis. Deficit has existed in human societies throughout recorded history, but it has also always come with the concept of cancellation or a jubilee. However, the ruling class in the US has done its best to eradicate that idea because the rich love it when their workers are crushed under insurmountable debt. It keeps us quiet. It’s a shame that the rich don’t take a page from the US’s favorite religious figure when considering debt forgiveness, though, since the Jesus Christ of the bible supported it.

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