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14 Jan, 2022 06:40

Hawaiians Stand Against US Navy, Cryptoland, Chicago Teachers Take Action

The Red Hill US naval base in Hawaii is facing the anger of its neighbors and many of the soldiers who live there, after a jet-fuel leak poisoned the water supply of O’ahu Island.

The locals only found out they’d been poisoned after thousands of people ended up in hospital because of a cover-up. Naomi Karavani got in touch with Kawena’ulaokala Kapahua of the O’ahu Water Protectors to learn more about the environmental disaster impacting his community. He goes over the timeline of the Navy’s poisoning of his community, the impacts of jet fuel contamination in the water, the callous response from the US government, and much more. This isn’t the first time this base leaked jet fuel into the island’s water supply so the locals aren’t surprised, but they’re sick of their colonizer. Their campaign is demanding that the Navy leave the island.

Then Karavani looks into a new development in the world of cryptocurrencies. Cryptoland would be a tourist island for cryptocurrency fanatics, and claims that people can purchase a million-dollar cryptocurrency coin that would guarantee them a plot of land on the island. But the group is trying to hide the fact that it still doesn’t own the Fijian island they’re basing their business around. Finally, Anders Lee reports on a labor struggle in Chicago. After the Chicago teachers’ union voted not to return to in-person teaching last week. the city fought back, with Mayor Lori Lightfoot blocking them from the software for the classes and threatened to stop paying them. This showdown ended with the teachers returning to the classroom, but not before they shook the power of Chicago government.

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