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12 Jan, 2022 02:22

US slips Ukraine another $200M in aid (Full show)

Russia and its allies worked together to restore order in Kazakhstan and put a stop to the chaos and violent riots that engulfed the country for days, a situation the Kazakh government blames on foreign-backed militants. They will soon begin their withdrawal, their mission accomplished. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich reports. Then Jeremy Kuzmarov of CovertAction Magazine shares his insights.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) and Dr. Anthony Fauci took their mutual hostility to bitter new heights during a Tuesday congressional hearing that saw Paul repeating his accusations about Fauci’s purported culpability in “gain of function research,” wherein lie the origins of the coronavirus, Sen. Paul claims. Fauci replied by accusing the senator of exploiting the pandemic for political gain and “kindling the crazies” who posed a mortal threat to Fauci and his family. RT America’s John Huddy reports.

Plus, journalists and writers in Australia are calling on media outlets in the country as well as the Australian government to do more in defense of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, an Australian citizen, who continues to fight extradition to the US. The Assange has tremendous implications for the future of journalism around the world, but US journalists continue to ignore his situation or offer only distorted coverage of his plight. RT producer Enrique Rivera reports the details. Then “Watching the Hawks” host Tyrel Ventura shares his analysis. He points out that Western news outlets made a fortune by publishing the information that WikiLeaks brought to light but that his extreme disrepute with both institutional US parties precludes fair coverage from the highly politicized US media establishment.

Then RT America's Trinity Chavez gives us a review of the tragic history of Guantanamo Bay, the infamous offshore prison where the US houses alleged terrorists where they are subjected to "enhanced interrogation techniques" and denied due legal process.

Plus, RT contributor Mollye Barrows reports on Pope Francis's recent comments about cancel culture and his full-throated endorsement of COVID-19 vaccines.