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4 Sep, 2021 05:41

Military waste in Afghanistan, hurricane Ida & CA governor recall debate

Lee Camp takes on military waste and the horrific consequences of the US occupation of Afghanistan. The military lied to the American people throughout the occupation. They pretended they had control of regions they didn’t, they paid the Taliban not to attack our troops and used the lack of attacks to make it look like there was progress, and they invented many more lies to convince the American people that the occupation was a good idea. Camp also reports on the impacts of Hurricane Ida, which has devastated communities across the country and once again proved that the US is incapable of defending its citizens. Naomi Karavani takes on the fight to give Wisconsin children at school a free lunch. One county’s school board opted out of a free lunch program by arguing that it would spoil the kids. The school board overturned their outrageous policy after parents and children protested. Jaffer Khan and Anders Lee end the show with a new segment: ‘The Art Of Debate’. Khan and Lee debate the upcoming recall vote for California Governor Gavin Newsom. 

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