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3 Sep, 2021 01:42

Why did intelligence community get Afghanistan so wrong? (Full show)

What does the future hold for Afghanistan, and what shape is the U.S. posture toward the country taking as its mission morphs into one of diplomacy? RT America’s John Huddy reports on what the White House and State Department are saying before Murad Gazdiev reports from the ground in Afghanistan. Then author John Kiriakou joins to discuss the failures of the US intelligence community to prepare for the withdrawal from Afghanistan and whether the CIA will continue operations in Afghanistan despite the war’s conclusion. He also says that a diplomatic relationship with the “new generation of Taliban” is possible.

An oil spill at Syria’s largest refinery is approaching the coast of Cypress and is set to become a major environmental catastrophe for the coastlines of the Eastern Mediterranian. which Syria has not adequately contained. Turkey and Cyprus are intervening to mitigate further damage. RT's Peter Oliver reports. Then legal analyst Sarah Papantonio joins to discuss the carcinogenic PFOS particles found in virtually all consumer items, spreads through the air and ocean, accumulates in organs, endures forever and humans do not know how to confront the problem.