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25 Jun, 2021 06:58

Understanding Modern America with Noam Chomsky

This week Lee Camp has a special episode for you. Noam Chomsky came on the show to discuss his latest book, ‘Chomsky for Activists’. Chomsky & Camp cover a broad array of topics in the interview. They discuss how the media landscape has changed in the age of social media, the most inspiring activist movements around today, the Republican Party's sharp movement toward an insane style of politics, and the dangers of the new Cold War with China.

Naomi Karavani reports on the weapons disappearing from US military armories. The military tried to cover up the disappearing weapons, and we learned about it because some of the weapons started showing up at crime scenes. AP put together its own database to track the numbers. At a time of public division in the US, it's disconcerting to think that citizens are building their own weapon stockpiles out of stolen US military equipment.

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