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1 May, 2021 06:23

Facts about mass incarceration, waiving the vaccine profits, Kony 2012 strikes back

People just assume that the US’ system of mass incarceration has always been this way. Lee Camp looks into the truth about prisons in the US. Imprisoning huge chunks of society is neither necessary nor beneficial to society as a whole and the stories that Camp explores here will blow your mind. The system is a racist continuation of slavery and we all need to understand that better. Camp also covers Big Pharma’s goal of stopping the patent waiver to help the world get hold of the coronavirus vaccine, and he makes a correction from his recent segment on Greg Gutfeld’s new comedy show on FOX News.

Anders Lee joins Camp to discuss the newest propaganda effort to push the US into war. A group in the Democratic Republic of Congo wants to ignite a conflict with a group which they claim is being funded and trained by ISIS. The group, Invisible Children, was connected to another attempt to bring US troops into conflict in Africa in 2012 based on faulty intelligence. Natalie McGill brings Camp stories about Joe Biden’s speech this week, the crisis of homelessness in LA, and how body parts from children killed in the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia were being used in Princeton courses without the permission of the parents.

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