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20 Mar, 2021 06:18

The war crimes corporate media ignores, voter suppression, for-profit healthcare’s Covid death count

Lee Camp takes a look at the war crimes that the corporate media in the US refuses to address while showering attention on dubious stories that the US State Department wants them to focus on. A recent segment on ‘60 Minutes’ focused on Syrian President Assad and the war crimes he has been accused of while ignoring the US’ role in destabilizing the Middle Eastern country. Camp then covers how both parties suppress the vote. The GOP in Georgia recently made it illegal to pass pizza out in their voting lines while the DNC pursue a bill in Congress that would undermine third parties.
Natalie McGill and Camp discuss a new study that found that hundreds of thousands of Covid deaths were caused by the US’ for-profit healthcare system, Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s unsuccessful Medicare for All bill, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s political corruption and accusations of sexual misconduct, and a Federal Trade Commission complaint against Chevron from environmental groups for greenwashing their past.

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