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5 Mar, 2021 07:21

Exposing factory farms, the digital divide, & liberal fantasies as ‘fact checking’

Lee Camp interviews Matt Johnson, an animal rights activist with the group Direct Action Everywhere. He's currently facing felony charges for exposing the brutality of the factory farming industry. An Iowa pork producer was using brutal methods to massacre surplus pigs whose meat they couldn't harvest because of slowdowns in the Covid economy. Johnson faces serious jail time for helping a whistleblower show the world this torturous practice.

The digital divide is a growing problem for rural communities and the poor across the country. Naomi Karavani reports on how different municipalities are addressing this problem without fundamentally addressing the corporate monopolization of telecom infrastructure. As we all become more reliant on access to the internet, many are realizing that it's time for that access to be guaranteed to all. Anders Lee looks at the fake fact-checking of people like Seth Abramson. The author and twitter personality has made a career out of throwing together roughshod "investigations" into popular issues for a commercial audience of liberals and providing them fact-free evidence for things they already want to believe.

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