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US debt will explode under Biden to $78 trillion (Full show)

President Biden’s “American Rescue Plan” includes new stimulus payments, unemployment spending and funds for COVID-19 vaccinations, but it will add significantly to the US debt. Rick Sanchez examines the growth of the US debt spending from 1977 until the present. Projected to exceed $78 trillion in 2028, what will exploding US debt mean for the future of the US and its economy? Brent Jabbour of “Boom Bust” weighs in. Then Dr. Ron Paul of the Ron Paul Institute shares his insights.

The European Commission is rolling out “right to repair” rules that will require manufacturers to make parts and knowledge available to clients and third-party professionals to repair appliances and devices. RT America’s Faran Fronczak joins Rick Sanchez to discuss.

Billions in US taxpayer dollars have been misused, lost or destroyed in Afghanistan, according to a new report. RT America’s John Huddy reports. Then former UK MP George Galloway joins Rick Sanchez to share his insights.