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27 Feb, 2021 07:13

Corporate PR, militarizing space, Biden's foreign policy

Corporate America doesn't care about you no matter how many nice social justice tweets they pay a millennial to write. Lee Camp looks at how massive corporations are trying to buy their way onto the right side of social justice movements with messaging campaigns while continuing to thrive off of the exploitation of their workers, the poor, and the environment. While they focus on their image people need to get together and focus on building a sustainable and just world that benefits all of us. Camp also reports on Joe Biden's decision to continue down the road of militarizing space, the state of the world's nuclear weapons, and the rising anger of the American people.

Anders Lee takes a look at Joe Biden's weak stance on the US-backed genocide in Yemen. The president announced that it would discontinue sales of “offensive” weapons to Saudi Arabia but the violence has always been called defensive by its perpetrators. Biden has hedged his language to leave him latitude to continue selling arms while sounding less evil. Naomi Karavani finishes off the show on the unionization drive by Amazon workers in Alabama, how LA police are playing copyrighted music while they're being filmed to get the videos taken off YouTube, and more.

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