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29 Feb, 2020 07:21

MSNBC hates Bernie Sanders, Weinstein jailed, Malcom X remembered

It seems like Bernie Sanders is running away with the DNC primary, and the corporate media are freaking out. It's really funny to behold and Lee is here to make fun of it with you. Both Chris Matthews and Chuck Todd have made Nazi allusions about the so-called "Bernie Bros" in the last few weeks, and that didn't stop the momentum of Bernie's anti-establishment campaign. Now the media have started to create a narrative that the Russians are supporting both Sanders and Trump. We'll see how it ends at the Democratic National Convention, where the DNC no doubt have more tricks up their sleeves. Also this week, Lee reports on Weinstein's conviction, Assange's extradition hearing and its similarities to a case where the US is refusing to extradite a CIA agent who ran over a British kid and escaped the country, and more on "Taking The News From Behind."

Naomi Karavani reports on how Attorney General William Barr is cracking down on cities that have said they won't help the Department of Immigration Control & Enforcement to deport immigrant residents within their communities. Communities that don't collaborate with ICE have taken the moniker "Sanctuary Cities." Finally, Natalie McGill looks into how climate change coverage from the US corporate media has been sparse. It doesn't reflect the extent of the climate crisis as explained by the scientific community.

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