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21 Feb, 2020 07:04

The Democratic primary is wild

Lee "shreds some paper" at the top of the show. He takes apart a front page of the Washington Post that is filled with hyperbole and vitriol, including an attack on Trump for being too supportive of Chinese President Xi Jinping. China is facing the coronavirus pandemic and it seems like a great time to be sympathetic to them. After all, Trump started a trade war with China in his early days as POTUS.

Many fear the Democratic primaries will continue to devolve into chaos as the establishment tries to stop Bernie Sanders. Lee sat down with Sanders' former national political outreach coordinator, Nick Brana, to understand what's happening now and where it might lead. Nick is one of the founders of the Movement for a People's Party. He wants progressive voters to break away from the DNC. Naomi Karavani finishes off the show by diving into some of Mayor Bloomberg's more offensive and misleading recent tweets.

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