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10 Nov, 2019 06:45

Truth-tellers persecuted, Epstein update, 3d mammograms

Whistleblowers are in the news again, as the US rests its impeachment hopes on a CIA agent in the White House. This anonymous leaker is being treated like a hero by the nation and the DNC establishment. The affair highlights the short memory of our society, as Lee reminds you this week of people who have been punished for revealing painful truths to the American public. His list includes Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, John Kiriakou, Max Blumenthal, and a human rights lawyer receiving retribution from Chevron Oil Company for outing evidence about their hand in spilling oil in Ecuador. In other news, Lee reports on the California fires, where the rich are hiring private firefighters, on the release of 500 inmates in Oklahoma, on developments in the Epstein story, and on the OPCW hiding evidence in the Syria chemical weapons lie.

In the second half of the show, Anders Lee and Lee discuss how the website Deadspin lost its verve when it was acquired by private equity investors. The new owners tried to turn the popular culture and sports website into a sports website and lost most of their staff in the process. A misguided grab for profit took them down just like in the next story. Naomi Karavani covers how doctors are trying to upsell women in need of breast inspections with 3D mammograms that have no proven benefit. This is another move in a trend where US medical care manages to become worse and more expensive at the same time.

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