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21 Sep, 2019 07:20

Iran blamed for bombs over Saudi Arabia, Bezos taking healthcare from whole foods employees, California targets gig economy

The show opens this week by looking at the newest piece of war propaganda being spewed from the mouths of US militarists and their puppets in the media and Congress. A Saudi Arabian oil field was attacked this week and even though Houthi rebels from Yemen took credit for the attack, the US intelligence community wants to point the finger at Iran. They really want to make war happen with Tehran. When Lee ‘takes the news from behind’ this week, he reports on Jeff Bezos’ decision to strip healthcare coverage from part-time workers at Amazon and a climate denial operation that was recently uncovered in Britain.

In the second half of the show, Naomi Karavani sits down with Lee to discuss the EPA’s move to roll back clean water protections implemented under President Obama. The Obama administration expanded water protections to include more bodies of water than they had before, including streams. These protections get in the way of industries that benefit from being able to pollute local environments. Trump’s administration is rolling back these protections to accommodate corporate fears that human health is getting in the way of their profits. Natalie McGill caps off the show with a report on a Californian regulation targeting companies profiting from the gig economy. California lawmakers recently passed a bill to classify gig workers as actual employees who are entitled to benefits that they were cheated out of all along.

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