Peter Joseph: Solutions to end capitalism

In this latest episode of Redacted Tonight VIP, we bring you the second half of host Lee Camp’s interview with filmmaker and founder of the Zeitgeist Movement Peter Joseph. Joseph, the author of the new book The New Human Rights Movement, talks about the solutions that will end the broken promises of capitalist society. Joseph tells Lee about the changes that need to take place to increase economic efficiency, such as adopting automation, in order to free us from labor and eliminate class wars. In the second half, Lee talks about how the special election in Georgia’s 6th district was stolen from Democratic contender Jon Ossoff, who was seeking to flip a traditionally Republican-held seat, thanks to the continued barriers people of color face in casting their votes. When roadblocks in the form of gerrymandering, interstate crosschecks, and the like are present, it won’t matter how much money Democrats pump into an election – they can expect similar results. Finally, Lee talks about a new study which finds that an oral solution containing a cannabis plant extract can help decrease epileptic seizures in children, adding to a growing body of research showing medicinal marijuana can help people with epileptic symptoms. Despite this breakthrough, Lee Camp rants about how Attorney General Jeff Sessions still has an ax to grind with medical marijuana, despite the fact no one gets high off of it. All this, and more, on the latest Redacted Tonight VIP.

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