Gov't Steals Sacred Land, Exxon Memo Leaked, Reporting Abuse Criminalized, & More

Oh boy! Oh girl! It's the newest episode of 'Redacted Tonight,' everybody! Here's what's being devoured on the political comedy skillet this week. Host Lee Camp rants about the Information Age and the deep irony of the stupidity it has brought upon us. Then we reveal some deeply hidden heinous behavior by Exxon that will make you hate them even more than you already do. Next a strange, strange advertising gent makes an appearance where he teaches kids how to acquire all the toys and junk food. Which then brings us to a marginalized news story about how the Apache Indians have gotten their sacred land stolen by John McCain and friends. And we round it all out with Abby Feldman's piece on sleep deprivation and John F. O'Donnell's piece on North Carolina's crazy new anti-whistleblower law. Watch, Like, Share, Repeat! You know the drill! It's the Information Age!

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