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RT News - April 08 2021 (17:00 MSK)

The European Medicines Agency maintains the benefits of AstraZeneca's Covid jab still outweigh the risks, while warning blood clots should be listed as a 'rare' side effect. Is a U-turn still a U-turn if you change your mind a second time, and go back to your original stance? Our Berlin correspondent probes Chancellor Merkel's embarrassing double backtrack, as she now supports a national German lockdown yet again. 'A biological Fukushima' - scientists concerned with a surge in Covid-19 fatalities in Brazil say the death rate may soon break the record January wave in the US. We hear from a professor who sounded the alarm. A warning is issued over alleged sexual assault at a child migrant facility in Texas. The governor is urging President Biden to shut the site, labelling it a 'health and safety nightmare'.