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7 Apr, 2021 07:01

China dives into FinTech & UK eyes vaccine passports

China has launched its own digital currency in a bid to dominate the new FinTech frontier. Boom Bust’s Christy Ai offers her take on the move and what it means for the international financial sector. And with the vaccine process well underway in the US, could we soon see America offering assistance to other nations struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic? RT America’s Trinity Chavez takes a look at what the US has planned as nations like China and Russia ramp up their international aid. The job market continues to slowly bounce back as vaccines are administered, but could we soon see those jobs fall to automation? RT America’s Natasha Sweatte takes a look at the latest developments. Plus, could the UK soon launch a vaccine passport? Hilary Fordwich of the British-American Business Association offers her take on this and the state of the nation’s economic recovery.

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