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Experts say critical race theory belongs in school — does it? (Full show)

States across the US are proposing significant changes to school curricula. These changes range from the abolition of advanced degrees to wider or compulsory instruction in critical race theory. As educators revise what books are taught and how US history is understood, do we risk letting ideology interfere with the quality of education? Desi Robinson, Media Program director for Columbia University and Luther Mercer, director of Development, Advocacy and Sustainability for Whole Child Strategies, join News.Views.Hughes to share their insights.

Then Alex Mihailovich reports new discoveries about the "devastating effects" of remote learning on students in the US and Canada, which include academic regression and mental health issues, and the challenges facing schools as they return to structured in-person learning.

Then Hannah Cox of the Foundation for Economic Education and Andrew Langer of the Institute for Liberty join Scottie Nell Hughes to discuss the astronomical cost of college education and proposals to cancel student debt.