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News. Views. Hughes - February 21, 2019 (17:00 ET)

New opioid regulations leave patients in pain

In the struggle to address the country’s opioid epidemic, the US government sometimes comes between patients and their doctors. New regulations have left chronic pain patients in agony, turning to street drugs, and in the worst cases, has even driven them to suicide. RT America’s Natasha Sweatte has the details, including eye-opening interviews with doctors and patients. Then Dr. John Dombrowski, pain-management doctor and anesthesiologist joins Scottie Nell Hughes to weigh in.

Guaido vows to bring aid himself from Colombia

Venezuela’s self-declared interim president Juan Guaido is en route with a convoy to the Colombian border to “demand that humanitarian enters.” It is still unclear how they plan to bring in the aid into the country. Meanwhile, the Trump administration has set its sights on Nicaragua and Cuba, having announced “the twilight hour of socialism” and calling for regime-change in pursuit of “the first free hemisphere in all of human history.”  RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca reports for News.Views.Hughes. 

Formula for success or how to win presidential elections  

Political analysts clearly haven’t learned their lesson in 2016. Scottie Nell Hughes reminds them that they shouldn’t expect their preferred candidates to win just by talking about them ad nauseam. She excoriates the “experts” who seem desperate to justify their talking-head existence and discusses the factors that drove Donald Trump to the White House.