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30 May, 2020 06:33

Tyranny of time scarcity (E1547)

In this episode of Keiser Report, Max and Stacy look at the sudden re-writing of twenty years of cultural history around the notion of being ‘red pilled’. The mainstream media has handed the rights to this concept to an anonymous online group of involuntarily celibate men. But what does this mean in a day and age when official narratives are being challenged and the population is noticing that money printing and money velocity are speaking louder truths about the reality around us? In the second half, Max talks to Robert Breedlove of Parallax Digital about bitcoin and zero as “software upgrades to our global hive-mind." They discuss how revolutionary the concept of zero was to our human existence, and how bitcoin has done the same. They also look at the tyranny of time scarcity.

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