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Whistleblower Katharine Gun: How the US spied & blackmailed to get support for the Iraq War (E806)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to whistleblower Katharine Gun about the film depicting her attempts to stop the Iraq War, ‘Official Secrets,’ starring Keira Knightley. She discusses how the US tried to spy on and blackmail countries in the UN to support the Iraq War, Britain’s role in that process, the aftermath of the leaks, and more! Next, we speak to former SNP MP Paul Monaghan about unrest in Catalonia following the sentencing of Catalan independence leaders, the EU’s silence on the persecution of Catalonians and their leaders, whether Spain is returning to the days of General Franco, and more! Finally, we speak to the lawyer for exiled Catalonian minister Clara Ponsati, Aamer Anwar, who says the EU cannot point at other countries for human rights abuses while ignoring Spain’s repression of Catalonia. He also discusses the likelihood of Catalonian independence, why the protests won’t stop, the history of Spanish repression in Catalonia, and more!

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READMORE: Statement from the BBC’s Kamal Ahmed

The film is not a documentary and its portrayal of me is not fair or true - I don’t recognise any of what I am supposed to have said and done and no one checked anything with me.

“I wasn’t involved in this story in the way portrayed, and the film’s characterisation of my role and opinions about the story are untrue, as the film makers know.”