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3 Oct, 2022 16:22

Pride and Piety

The LGBTQ community is having problems maintaining the consistency of its position in the face of the question of pedophilia. Since its entire outlook is based on the view: ‘this is how I feel’ or ‘this is how I was born, this is what I want to do, so it can’t be wrong,’ activists run into the problem of having to explain on what basis something like pedophilia can be wrong.

‘How do you answer about pedophilia?’ evangelist Aris Balian asks. He points out the impossibility of reconciling the idea that everybody is accepted and loved for who they are with the opprobrium that we place on deviant behaviors such as pedophilia.

This has become the subject of a fierce debate, as the LGBTQ community supports the claim that their parades are all about awareness and love. However, there is a hidden danger in such an approach – what happens when this acceptance is imparted to morally objectionable behavior?

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